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Fataki Basenji

Fataki Basenji is an Oregon Basenji breeder located in Rainier, Oregon (OR), just across the Columbia River from Longview, Washington (WA).

Fataki is a Swahilli word meaning "fireworks".

In early 1988, I went looking for a companion. I found a little red bundle of Fire and brought her home--Rhysh's Prairie Fire. Fire introduced me to the dog show world, a place I never intended being. I had never wanted to show, but Fire's breeder wanted her shown, so off we went. We met some wonderful folks and made many new friends. Fire winning at WKC

Fire taught me about living with this amazing breed. She had a supurb temperament and a very wise way about her. Her great attributes live on in her children, grandchildren and beyond.

Basenji Oregon

Fire was my heart, my soul and the foundation for Fataki Basenjis.


B is for Barkless, but not really mute.
They chortle and yodel, mutter and growl
I think they could talk if they ever learnt how.

A is for Agile, graceful and quick.
They jump like a deer and play like a cat.
Who ever heard of a dog acting like that?

S is for Stubborn, yes they do have a streak.
They'll coax and they'll bully till they get their own way.
Outsmarting a human is just part of their day.

E is for Entertaining, they're all hams at heart.
Ask them to play and they'll act like a clown.
Tell them to heel and they'll sit down and frown.

N is for Neat, a must in themselves.
They lick and they groom till each hair is in place.
If they think that you need it, they'll come wash your face.

J is for Jungle, natives and huts.
On the tombs of the Pharoahs their pictures are found,
And in Africa's jungles they're the belled hunting hound.

I is for Me. An owner possessed,
I feed and I doctor, I worry and care.
And that doggone Basenji knows, when he calls, I'll be there.

Jeraldeen Crandall. 1967

Fataki Basenjis - Rainier, Oregon - 2011 - by Fataki Basenjis